Welcome to Amme.

Here, you will find what it means to live ‘in balance’, as best we can, by learning to listen to, and follow, our Inner Guidance or Intuition.

We will have the opportunity to put aside the day to day practicalities of rational living and discuss the experiential nature of life and reality from our own unique perspectives.

We all experience reality in different ways, and interpret it using models which we have either been taught, or have observed.

When we veer away from labeling and categorising, we give people the opportunity to truly experience their reality, in the moment, without it being coloured by another’s interpretation.

We are not encouraged, in Western Culture, to give form to our experience and sometimes, we may feel uncomfortable when it differs from what has become culturally acceptable. I recognise, and emphasise, that we live in a world full of (hu)man-made systems and methodologies that rationalise our daily experience. They also enable us to give form to our healing rituals.

In my own journey to make sense of my experience, I have found some of these systems and tools provide useful techniques and anchors for aiding growth, development and healing. I wish to share some of these with you in the programmes, and in one to one healing work.

You do not have to follow a particular path in order to work with me or gain benefit from the work. Just come along with an open mind and share your experiences.

I will look forward to meeting you on our journeys together.

With Love



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Amme offers an ‘alternative’ healing experience to that of her primary occupation as a Psychologist & Therapeutic Peer Coach. She has worked for a decade in Senior positions in the NHS, private, & voluntary sectors, where she has specialised in supporting those who have suffered, and are recovering from, the effects of trauma, as well as on the frontline, She has co-founded, and runs, an accredited college that teaches accredited peer coaching programmes.

Psychology is beginning to show that trauma may well be the underlying cause of emotional, mental, physical, & spiritual health challenges.

Research has shown that working with the body, alongside talking therapeutic practices, such as peer coaching, is essential to shifting the ‘stuck energy imprints’ of trauma that is held in the body & can prevent us from moving forwards in our lives.

This is why Amme, in addition to her psychological work, offers body therapies to help individuals relax, reduce stress, & become more at ease with & in their physical bodies, and which can be used in conjunction with talking therapeutic practices.

Amme also has a specialist interest in teaching about the balancing of the masculine & feminine in our personal/professional lives through Psycho-Spiritual training & healing, which is underpinned by her academic training in feminist & socio-cultural theories.

Amme has a very broad academic background and vocational training including: Social/ Cultural Theory, Psychology,  Feminism, Art History, Music, Peer Support, Counselling and Recovery Coaching. 

Amme is trained in a broad range of healing modalities including Angelic Reiki; Crystal Healing; Angel Readings, Angel Tarot; Rahanni Celestial Healing; Bach Flower Remedies; Aromatherapy; Swedish Body Massage; Reflexology; Elementals & Mythology; Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction; with some additional therapies coming on board in 2020.

Amme has developed her Spiritual practice over many years and now combines this with her research in Psychology to offer Psycho-Spiritual programmes and workshops. This is in addition to teaching some of the systems she has learned throughout her journey. Amme chooses to live and work in a Shamanic way, finding that the connection with the earth, otherworlds and use of intuition, vital as a guiding principle.

Amme has experience in supporting the vulnerable, particularly those who have experienced Mental/ Emotional Ill Health and Addictions. She is heavily involved in Community work, having founded Community Hubs in the Home Counties, and runs a Community Interest Company to cater for the needs of the local Community. The ethos of Peer Coaching is fundamental to all of her work.

Whether you are looking for healing from a particular issue, or simply wish for some relaxation and more balance in your life, Amme will be able to cater to your needs.

Amme teaches a variety of healing modalities and provides one to one healing.

Please contact Amme for more information on: 07791 520388 or emma@positiveways.co.uk

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