Healing with Amme

harp-384557__340 What is healing?

A definition of healing is ‘the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again’.

Sometimes we may feel as if something is ‘not quite right’. I liken it to a listening to a piece of music which is played on an instrument that has gone out of tune. It sounds discordant and it feels uncomfortable, even turbulent and chaotic. When we re-tune the instrument, we are then able to hear the beautiful tune, it sounds harmonious and feels calmer and more organised.

And so it is with our bodies, minds, emotions and spirit. Our whole system can become ‘out of tune’. With healing, we can ‘re-tune’ ourselves so that our whole system can begin to feel balanced and harmonious again.

What do I do?

I am qualified and experienced in a number of energy healing modalities including Angelic Reiki, Rahanni Celestial Healing, Crystal Healing and Angel Therapy as well as working with the Elementals. I also draw on all of my conventional skills, within each session.

I consider myself more like a guide who helps you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your situation, in order that you can move forwards from whatever it is that brought you to healing. I create a conducive environment within which healing can take place and you can begin to feel balanced and healthy again.

In a healing session I bring to bear all of the knowledge, skills, and experience I have acquired, along with my intuition and natural ability as an empath.

What can I help you with?

A healing session can almost certainly help with any form of Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual ailment or misalignment. NB It is not a ‘cure’ – energy work requires openness and a willingness to participate in the process of healing. Ultimately, I am opening a space which enables you, your body, mind, and soul, to do the healing work.

I am a specialist in working with people with all forms of Mental Ill Health or Emotional distress; Addictions; Trauma; Stress and Anxiety. Also with people who are experiencing an abrupt or disturbing ‘Spiritual Awakening’ or ‘Spiritual Crisis’. I also have experience in working with people who are coming off Psychiatric drugs.

If you are unsure as to whether healing might be the right path for you, or are concerned as to whether or not healing can help you, please do call me for a free, no obligation chat on the telephone (numbers below).

What happens in a session?

You can choose to have a session in person, or a distant healing session.

We will first have a short discussion about how you are feeling and the reasons why you have come for healing.

In the face to face session, you will remain fully clothed and can either receive healing laying on a couch, or sitting on a chair. If you are laying down, I will place my hands on your higher heart chakra (between the neck and chest) and on your solar plexus chakra (just above the naval) or, if you are seated, I will place my hands on your shoulders.

People experience different sensations during a healing session though, most commonly people often say they can feel heat emanating from the hands.

In a distant healing session, you will remain at home and I will inform you when I have performed the healing.

After both sessions you will receive feedback about what came up during the healing session and we will have a discussion about what happens next and if there is any guidance or further action that is suggested. You will take home goals that you can work on and receive a follow up telephone call included within the session fee.

How much does it cost?

A one hour session is : £100

An hour and a half session is : £125

Distant healing: £75

A concessionary rate is available to those who come to me via The Rooms Training Academy or Salon in Stotfold, Beds.

If you would like to book a session, or have a chat, please contact me on : 07791 520388.