Readings with Amme

cards Amme is a certified Angel Card Reader and Angel Intuitive.

She is able to give accurate and intuitive readings that can help within any area of your life.

Amme can give you a reading using Oracle or Angel Tarot cards, as well as a purely intuitive reading and guidance session – in most cases she will use a combination of both.

Why have a reading?

Quite often we come to junctions within our lives where we may feel a bit ‘stuck’. It might be that we know we want to change our life in some way but may not be sure how, when, what to do, or even if we should. We may have been through a significant life event or facing health challenges and wish to receive a bit of guidance in finding a resolution.

Having a reading can clarify where we are at right now and guide us towards where we want to go in the future. It can be very helpful if we have a range of options in front of us and we are uncertain as to which way to go. It can also help us to understand why we are where we are, what is happening around us and the possible outcomes of a situation for us.

What happens during a reading?

Most often the card reading will be a starting point for discussion and guidance around your life situation/s at this moment. I have a vast array of card decks from which you can choose using your own intuition.

I will lay the cards out in a particular ‘spread’ and these will give an indication as to where you are in your life now, the journey so far, and where you are headed on your current trajectory.

You may have a particular question around your career, relationships, health or family, or maybe you simply want a general overview.

The session will take the form of an ongoing discussion with you. I will impart the intuitive guidance I am given and share it with you and we will discuss what this might mean and how it makes sense for you.

Within a reading I will also use my conventional skills, in order to guide you towards an understanding of what is happening for you right now and to encourage you to find solutions and make plans for your next steps. The goal is for you to leave the session with more clarity and a sense that you are getting back on track.

You will take home goals that you can work on and will also receive a follow up telephone call which is included within the session fee.

I create a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment wherein you can explore anything that you wish to within the session.

NB It is important to note that, in the way that I work, I empower people to gain command of their own lives. I will not tell you what to do, or give an opinion as to what I think is best for you. I will encourage you to gain confidence in your own ability to make healthy decisions and take positive action.


I conduct sessions in person and via Skype, Google hangout or Facetime.

1 hour Face to Face session : £75

1 1/2 hours : £100

1 hour online session : £60

1 1/2 hours : £75

To book a session please contact me on : 01462 700504 / 07791 520388 or email me at