Swedish Body Massage

What is Swedish Body Massage?

Swedish Body Massage is a therapeutic massage that focuses on muscle relaxation and increasing blood circulation. Different levels of pressure can be applied in order to get to the deeper tissues if, for example, you are experiencing muscle tightness, or following an injury.

The massage includes several different types of movement including: long, firm strokes, light tapping on the skin, friction movements, kneading the skin and tissues, and moving the joints.

Swedish Body Massage is thus called, as it can be performed on the whole body: Back, Legs, Arms, Face, Head, and Abdomen. However, often, people may choose to only have certain parts of their body massaged.

Commonly, clients have their back, legs, and arms massaged, and add the extra parts of Face, Head, and Abdomen to the treatment if they wish.

What will happen during my treatment?

Upon arrival at your first session with me, we will have a chat about your current state of health, and whether you have any particular reasons for coming for the treatment. You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire that ensures that you are fit for a treatment at this time.

Hand Massage

If you have any particular health issues, particularly in the physical body, it is important that we are aware, as we may need to modify your treatment in some way, For example, if you have a cut on your skin, we will need to ensure that we massage around that area until it is healed. In rare cases, we may need to rebook your appointment if it is not currently advisable for you to be treated right now.

You will then be asked to remove your clothing down to your underpants, and to lay on the treatment couch, face down, and you will be left in private, whilst you undress.

Covered at the waist

I will then perform the massage which can take from 45 minutes, to 1 1/2 hours, all depending on how much of the body I am working on. Light, relaxing music is played during the treatment and I use sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, a massage cream, or a blend of oil and massage for the treatment.

I always ensure that you feel comfortable, warm enough, and that the pressure is alright for you. You are always encouraged to ask questions throughout, or to let me know if anything needs to be changed or made more comfortable.

When the massage is finished I will leave you for a short while to rest, I will being you a glass of water, and we will then have another quick chat to see how you feel and assess when your next treatment will be.

Benefits of Swedish Body Massage

Swedish Body Massage was introduced in the mid 1800s in Sweden by a fencing instructor who found a way to cure an injury using the movements now practised in Swedish Body Massage. However, different forms of massage have been used for centuries in many regions of the world, most notably in the East and in Ayurvedic traditions.

Kneading Movement

The massage may confer many benefits and has been most notably used for:

  • pain management
  • muscle injury rehabilitation
  • increased blood flow
  • improved immune system functioning
  • stress reduction
  • increased flexibility and joints
Healthy Mind

In relation to my practice, it can be useful for those whom have experienced trauma in various forms, as well as introducing people to appropriate touch in a gentle and safe way. If you feel this resonates with you, we would have a more lengthy discussion prior to your treatment, to ensure that you feel safe and supported, as massage in itself, can produce an emotional response, as energy is shifted and toxins are released.

I have worked with people who have rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and mental health challenges. All whom have reported an improvement in their symptoms.

Most notably, people find that they feel much more relaxed, and that when they come regularly, sleep and pain has improved.

Treatments prices are:


Back Only


Half Body

Back, Legs, Arms, Hands


Full Body

+ Abdomen, Head, Face


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